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The SFBC FAA seeks to use musical instruments as a means to promote the arts and artistic expression, creating better musicians in students while also evangelizing and discipling people for Jesus Christ. Our end goal is for the skill and talent gained to be used in authentic worship of God and to bring glory to Him through the art of music. 

Instructional Areas

Piano                         Voice                       

Guitar                        Drums/Percussion    Organ                           









Fall 2022 Semester (11 lessons) will begin September 6th. The Semester will end December 5th.

There will be no lessons scheduled Sevier County Fall Break October 10th-14th, unless an agreement is made with teacher and student to do a make up lesson. The week December 6th - 12th will be designated to make up lessons from excused absences. 









Tuition Schedule:

Lesson Type              Payment in Full       Half Payments

30 minute lesson               $275                    $137.50

45 minute lesson               $412                    $ 206

Payment Due Dates: The first day of your lesson the week of September 6th-12th and the first day of your lesson week October 4th-10th.

*We will contact you with your instructor information.


*All sign ups are on a first come - first serve basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your instructor or the Arts Academy office:

Austin Clark

Worship and Missions Pastor 


Health and Safety Protocols - The use of masks is not required. However, if the student (or parent of the student) wishes to wear a mask and wishes that the instructor would also wear a mask, the teacher, in respect to his/hers wishes, will make every effort to keep a face covering on during lessons when applicable. Any student or instructor who is ill or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 must stay home. When possible, parents are asked to not bring additional children into the building beyond those taking lessons. 

Building EntranceFor most lessons, the Knoxville side main entrance to SFBC will be open. Please walk through the worship center to the music suite for your lessons. Please do not loiter in the worship center and do not touch any of the musical equipment on the stage of the worship center. 


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Payment- There are 2 options for payment: 

Option 1 - Payment in full for the semester is due by the first day of lessons 

Option 2 - Half-Payment will be due on the first day of lessons and the remaining balance due 30 days after the first day of lessons. 

DelinquencyStudents whose tuition has not been received by the payment due date may not receive lessons. The Fine Arts Academy Office will notify you and your teacher of your delinquent status. No lessons missed due to past balances will be made up. 

Inclement Weather- The Fine Arts Academy will follow the same closings as posted by the Sevier County School System. However, if an exception is made, that exception will be posted on the SFBC FAA Facebook page several hours before the first lesson of the day. Please check the page regularly for updates. 

Absence and Makeup Lessons- It is a requirement to notify the instructor when the student is unable to attend a lesson. One (1) lesson will be made up for an excused absence. Excused absences include student illness, death in the family, or an unavoidable conflict that shall be deemed reasonable by the teacher and the administrator. Notification of at least eight (8) hours in advance entitles the student to a make up lesson for an excused absence. When a lesson is missed due to illness, please give the teacher as much prior notice as possible. 

No Shows- A missed lesson without a phone call eight (8) hours beforehand is a no show and will not be made up or refunded. 

Punctuality- Make every effort to arrive on time to your lesson. Lessons started late due to a student's tardiness will still end on time as, in most cases, there is another lesson scheduled directly after yours. 

Teacher Absences- All lessons due to teacher's absence will be rescheduled and will not be counted as the student's make up lesson. 

WithdrawalIf a student discontinues their lessons, our reimbursement schedule will be as follows: We will reimburse you for the remaining lessons as long as you have not entered into the next paid month. For example, if you decide to discontinue your lessons during September and do not take lessons in October, you will be reimbursed for prepaid lessons not taken in October and November. If you enter into any lessons in October, you will be reimbursed for lessons not taken in November. If you enter into lessons in November, no reimbursement will be made. 

Conduct- The Fine Arts Academy seeks to maintain a safe and orderly environment. If a student or his/her parent behaves in an unorderly manner during lessons or on the campus of Seymour First Baptist, the administration will address the situation and give a warning that lessons may be discontinued if the behavior continues. If the behavior continues beyond the warning, the Art Academy reserves the right to discontinue lessons for the student at its discretion. In this case, the refund will be issued using the same guidelines as a withdrawal. 

Parking- There are ample parking spots around the building of SFBC. This can easily become congested during soccer season. Any parking spot marked as "guest" is intended only for Sunday morning and is available anytime during the week. We do ask that you do not park in either drive - through.