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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child play on the same team as a sibling?

Teams are divided by age.  If the siblings are in the same age division, please make a request and we will make every effort to put them on the same team.  If they are different age division, please make a request, and we will make every effort to have them practice on the same night.


Can my child play on the same team as a friend?

You may request to be on the same team as one friend in the same age division and we will try to accommodate.  The earlier you register and make that request, the easier it is to facilitate.


Can I register after the deadline?

Once the teams are created, the additional spots to fill the league roster will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Once those spots are filled, we will not accommodate any more registrations.  Therefore, available spots after the deadline will vary by age division.  For instance, at the close of registration, if the U6 league can hold 100 children and 96 have signed up, the first 4 who try to register after the deadline will be admitted into the league.  After that, the U6 league would be closed.


Can I volunteer?

YES!!!  We are a volunteer-run league, so volunteers are always welcome.  We are always needing more volunteers as coaches, referees, and concession stand workers.  If you are a member of Seymour FBC, you may also volunteer as a team encourager or to share game-day devotions.  All volunteers must be able to passes background check.  To volunteer, please email mvp@seymourfbc.org.


What age does my child need to be to play?

Children must be 4 years old before March 1, 2022 to play in the Spring 2022 league.  We are sorry, but no exceptions can be made.

What does my child need to wear for practices and games?

Uniforms are mandatory for game days.  Uniforms are $40 and include 2 jerseys, shorts and socks.  Our uniforms are worn for several consecutive seasons.  For practice, please dress your child(ren) in a weather appropriate outfit that they can comfortably run/perform drills in.  SHIN GUARDS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL GAMES AND PRACTICES.  Cleats are recommended, but not required.

What if there is a certain night my child cannot practice?

When you register, there is an option to choose any night that you are unavailable to practice.  Any request made after registering and before the season starts can be emailed to mvp@seymourfbc.org and we will make every effort to accommodate.


When are practices?  

Each team will price once night a week (weather/schedule permitting).  Prices are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays after 5:30 PM.  You will receive your team’s scheduled practice time via email after the coaches meeting.  (This is usually one week prior to practices beginning.)

When/How will I know what team my child(ren) is on?

Team placements will be released after the season’s coaches meeting (usually the weekend before practices begin).  You should be notified of your team and practice night via the email address you provide during registration.


*Please consider downloading the TeamSideline App to your smartphone for ease of communication with the league.