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Job Description: Student Pastor


Principal Function:

 The principal function of the Student Pastor will be to coordinate and oversee the ministry to students under the guidance of the Family Pastor.  He will ensure the student ministry is meeting the needs of students within the vision and direction of the church.  He is responsible for shepherding students in 7th-12th grade towards a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Student Pastor will report directly to the Family Pastor.



  1. Coordinate Sunday School and facilitate Wednesday activities with a strategy for spiritual growth.

  2. Oversee recruitment and training of volunteer workers/leaders in their ministry to students.

  3. Develop a plan for student leadership and help them grow in their gifts.

  4. Plan and oversee events and activities that provide opportunity for fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism.

  5. Develop and maintain a plan of discipleship that helps students grow in and love God’s word.

  6. Maintain communication with families of ongoing student and church activities.

  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Family Pastor and Lead Pastor.


As an employee of Seymour First Baptist Church, you are an important aspect of the ministry of Christ through this church body.  Because of this, you must be a model of Christian behavior and morality.  You must agree to live a witness of the life of Christ in testimony, behavior, and attitude.  You must attend worship on a regular basis, be involved in Bible study, maintain a regular discipline of prayer, and abstain from behavior that would be contrary to the Christian lifestyle as described in scriptures and interpreted by this church.

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